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I Could Say More is the tale of a modern family: Carl is romantically and sexually obsessed with his brother-in-law Phil, his husband's brother. Carl and husband Drew have an adopted son, Jason, and during a would-be relaxing two-week vacation at a rented beach house on Long Island, Carl flies in the face of reason and invites company -- and trouble: the object of his affection, who brings along his current boy-toy, as well as two straight couples who arrive with their own metaphorical baggage. Liquor flows, emotions run high and rivalries old and new surface, triggering everyone -- including the kid -- to rethink their lives, loves and commitments

Produced by Other Side Productions
Hudson Guild Theatre, NYC



We Were There is a story about two boys who meet in New York City on the night of the Stonewall riots, and about the men they become over the next three decades. Starting in 1969, the play follows Douglas and Jean over the course of a 30-year relationship from the beginnings of the gay rights movement to the vigil for Matthew Shepard in 1998.

Produced by Other Side Productions
Bank Street Theater, NYC



Ladykiller is a musical iinspired by noir fiction. Through music, text and design, it attempts to re-create the world of 1930s Manhattan at its darkest, most glamorous and most malevolent. The play begins with a nightmare. We see the image of a woman in full bridal white, surrounded by darkness. Through a series of disjointed images and sounds, the world of the play is introduced: A spatter of blood appears on the bride’s gown. A boy on a tricycle. A corpse being covered with a white sheet. Sirens. A squeal of tires on asphalt. Stiletto heels on cement.

Book by Chuck Blasius | Music by Roger Anderson | Lyrics by Lee Goldsmith

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Finds Katherine Hepburn and Bette Davis in their 80s still taking Uta's acting classes, still struggling to make it in the cruel theatre world, ever-jealous of each other's flirtations with success, but never ceasing to be loving and supportive friends

Produced by IncoacT
Creative Space Theater, NYC

"Chuck Blasius' Kate (in mottled makeup, slacks, and bomber jacket) was so on the money he became downright spooky at times."

-- Off-Off-Broadway Review



A series of gay dates from hell, tingling with the sexual tensions and rejections of a constantly encroaching jungle of desire.

Produced by IncoacT
Sanford Meisner Theater, NYC

"The author/director has created a first-rate showcase on a fifth-rate budget .... he may wind up with a comic masterpiece."

"Gay men who have a chance to see this play in future incarnations will definitely come out proud."

-- Off-Off-Broadway Review



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